A unique space especially dedicated to Formula 1:

A.G.S. 1986 J H 21 C Single-seater
A.G.S. 1987 J H 22 Single-seater
A.G.S. 1988 J H 23 Single-seater
FERRARI 1983 126 C 3 Single-seater
Larousse 1993 L 93 H Single-seater
Ligier 1986 J S 27 Single-seater
Ligier 1991 J 35 S Single-seater
Ligier 1992 J S 37 Single-seater
LOLA 1989 LC 89 Single-seater
MC LAREN 1980 M 29 Single-seater
MC LAREN 1986 M P 4/2 C Single-seater
OSELLA AB 1981 F1 Single-seater
PROST A 1998 P 01 Single-seater
RENAULT 1985 R E 60 Single-seater
BENETTON RENAULT B 1997 197 Single-seater
LOTUS HONDA 1988 Single-seater
JORDAN 1995 195 Single-seater

At the inauguration of the first grands prix, the designation Formula 1 was officially born in 1947. By 1950, it was to her that was entrusted the task of awarding the winner of the first Championship for drivers in the world.

In the following stage, the last wing of the Manor was opened in 1999, with a starting grid for 18 Formula 1 and a gallery of drivers’ portraits often missing today. This scenography awakens many memories and provides intense emotions for those who know the violence at the start of a Grand Prix or for those who have only dreamed of it. Imagine engines screaming in fury, the acrid smell of burnt tires, the atmosphere, the boost, the butterflies in your stomach, the motley crowd and these cars so monstrously beautiful and terrifying.