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  • the restoration workshop

    The restoration workshop of the Manor of the Automobile and its team of three qualified mechanics, continually restore the latest cars to join the collection. Reactivation and maintenance are part of the daily activities at the workshop.

    Thanks to the diversity of restored models, the technical team has the experience to meet all mechanical and aesthetic challenges of these cars.

    Restoration includes not only the visible parts of the vehicle – the body, chrome parts, wheels, interior – but also the areas non-visible at first glance, such as the engine and its compartment, chassis, transmission and all the auxiliaries such as the brakes, cooling system, electrical system … etc

    The repairs, whether they are carried out on mechanical parts that are out of use or not, also respond to aesthetic considerations. For example, a non-visible rim -for covered by a trim apparently in good condition – will have its tire removed or even replaced after any repairs such as the treatment of the oxidation, and will be finally primed and painted. A variant of the restoration is to adapt more modern elements, the vehicle retains original features, only some have been replaced by newer and more efficient kinds in the perspective of an easier use or the need for less maintenance.

    Restoration Ferrari BB 512

    Ferrari BB512

    Janvier 2015

    Restoration Dauphine 1093

    Avril 2015